Old Man Wiss VS Old Man Winter

Well today it decided to snow for some odd reason, even though the temperature is supposed to hit the 70s on Thursday of this week. Old Man Winter let go. This past saturday we lit up the bridge and skated it til 3am thanks to daylight savings. Speaking of old men who need to let go…I set up some flashes in this pitch black area of the bridge and asked my bud Brian Coltrain if he’d be down to snap a few photos of me. I have shot this trick on here a long time ago, but this is the only trick I feel I can do and it looks like I belong on a skateboard. I’ll show you the Five O just for comparison of how awkward I am capable or looking on a skateboard.

Now I love skateboarding more than anything, but it’s pretty clear to me which side of the lens I belong on. So please forgive me for this temporary delusion of grandeur/role reversal experiment and we can carry on with our lives of me on my belly with both of my legs asleep for 2 hours while you guys try something that looks good.

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