simple and happy.


Things are going well so far here, today my young friend brady gave me a new lil fisheye lens for my camera because he upgraded to the baby death and a vx1000. hooray for new videos being made! i have been on a skating rampage here. lots of new tricks, lots of good times. 4 days a week I only have one hour of classes, then it’s shreddd time. Expect some video coming your way. I’ve captured almost 4 hours of footage in the last few days from tapes I filmed while visiting st louis and skating with you lovely people since the THE RAD ONE came out. I wholly encourage you guys to come visit and film, and film at home and send the footage my way so we can make a video and premiere it together and giggle and laugh and eat pizza and have fun. I love and miss you all and look forward to nothing more than us wasting time together in parking lots til the wee hours of the morning.

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