Getting ready for Saturday Oct.17th in Columbia

I’m getting psyched for this demo with the Birdhouse team coming out to Columbia skate park Saturday and you should be getting amped too. Rumor has it that Jeff Pulliam, Ryan Sublette, and John Rob Moore will be there on top of Randy Ploesser, Tony Hawk and the rest of the Birdhouse team. Now I don’t know which guys from the Birdhouse team will actually be there, but if Jaws is there then it would be the same thing as me listing all of the Amateur skaters that I want to see skate in person and throwing them into Columbia skate park. I sometimes go up to the Columbia skate park to skate and if Ryan Sublette is skating I just sit down and watch him skate, so it is worth it alone just to watch him, let alone tons of other awesome skaters.

I’ve decided to put in a few videos with parts from a few of the guys that may or may not be there just to get everyone’s juices flowing. This one has Jaws and John Rob Moore in the video. It’s a mystery if these two will be there, but watch the video anyways. A Happy Medium is one of my favorite videos. It has John Motta one of my favorite skaters in it. Pretty legit. Check it out.

For those of you who couldn’t get enough with this 40 minute beast check out some individual parts. First up is John Rob Moore who has an awesome part in the Friends with Benefits video. Ryan Sublette and Jeff Pulliam are in this video and I think it’s the main reason why the demo or skateathon or whatever you want to call it is happening.

Here is Ryan Sublette’s part from Friends with Benefits

Have fun with all of these videos. Keep it real, and I hope to see everyone at the park Saturday (tomorrow). Start running now if you can’t get a ride.

One thought on “Getting ready for Saturday Oct.17th in Columbia

  1. I’m just like everyone else too. I’ll believe it when I see it. Hope all of this is true though. That would be way wild.

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