Everything is Terrible

This might not have too much to do with skateboarding, but I’ve decided it has enough to do with skateboarding for me to post it.

There is this website called everythingisterrible.com and it’s got some pretty funny videos from the 90s. It’s really a website that capitalizes on the epitome of how weird the 90s actually were. At least that’s what I think when I watch some of the videos they have. They recently came to Columbia, but I didn’t know what it was all about, so I missed out. They have some footage from 9th street video in one of their videos on their site.

Anyways what is better than a giant talking christian robot and a kid named BJ?


I can’t put the video in this post since it isn’t from youtube, so if you want to edit this for me Wissman go ahead. You’re welcome Beans.


3 thoughts on “Everything is Terrible

  1. dude i watched this when i was a kid and even then i knew it was gay as shit. my mom would rent this from the library for me. my dad however once rented me a “how to” skate video with the gonze and the first thing he taught you to do was how to bomb a hill and powerslide to avoid getting hit by cars. more betterer than colby.

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