A speech given by Chris Stair

Andy wissman was
Born in 1979 in yugioslavia of the former soviet union, he was born of a danish mother and a german father….they met during peace keeping operations for the united nations and it just so happened that he plopped out in yugioslavia….after their service in the cold war they immmigrated to the united states in 1986 because they were offered the oppurtnity to be a contestant in the price is right, they had a very hard time getting through customs and they were treated as pontential terrorists…this let to little andys early hatred of americans and tsa agents….he watched his parents be treated as less then human knowing that they fought a war that had many of the united states of americas best interest in it. They were kept in the airport for 2 months because the united nations did not supply all the important paperwork they needed to go into the states such as, birth certificates and passports. They were forced to eat crappy airport food and use nasty airport bathrooms… so 2 months may not seem like that long to us..but to a 7 year old kid 2 months seems more like 2 years. I personally believe this airport experience helped shape andy wissman into a people person he was subjected to many different types of people coming from different parts of the world and of varying ages and skin colors… andy wissman truly is a man of all sorts of people from all over the world

 eventually after they escaped the airport ordeal they eventually settleled down in a little town called saint louis they selected saint louis because they found out they had distant relatives living in that city, they figured it would be better to start off here where they knew some people then to start where they didnt know anyone at all, of course there the price is right contract was long over they didnt not give up trying to get on game shows, and eventually andys mom olga landed them a spot on the family feud where they were showed battling another family in front of the whole nation… needless to say they made a scene, lets just say they were throwing insults and expletives at the other family, It was unfair for the wissman family because they were raised in a different culture then the american family. But they fought the good fight and didnt go out without making a bang. none the less though it is what it is. 

 Throughout his middle school years and high school years andy became the schools flagship trackstar and linebacker he may have had a bright future ahead of him in those fields but who knows?
Andy discovered skateboarding and immediately fell in love, he became a very talented individual and quickly devoleped his signature trick, front heel late back shuv to back smith bigflip revert out. Now if you ever saw this trick your mind would be blown… when I saw him do it a 2 years ago at the new warrenssburg skatepark I couldnt even comprehend it, and this is coming from someone with a great deal of knowledge in the skateboarding field, my mouth droped and I started laughing at the world around me..it was that day, I Credit the loss of my sanity…..as if it wasnt crazy enough seeing andy in the flesh I saw him do the most amazing trick first try…and to top it all off on a brand new wonderful skatepark only 1 mile away from my house.
For awhile andy was relatively unknown outside of missouri but 
 In the recent years Andy wissman has quickly risen to fame in the united states with many interviews in skateboarding magazines and publications such as transworld skateboarding and thrasher. He has also starred in many skateboarding films such as girls yeah right, baker 3, and almost round 3, , aILIENlien workshops mindfield and emericas wild in the streets…but he credits his greatest work of art to lakais video fully flared….fully flared is where he hit it big, this video was considered by many of the younger skateboarders and a good deal of some of the older skateboarders to be the best skateboarding film ever created, and many many many people see andy wissmans part in it as the best. He has influenced the skateboarding world so many ways sense that video now people are trying all these complicated tricks that andy did in the video and switching their clothing style so they could look more like andy… needless to say he is taking the skateboarding world in a whole another direction.. gone are the old time ways of skate and destroy, its a new age now, the age of skate and create. And its being led by andy wissman and his posse of followers. 

People love andy so much that the camrea that was used to film him in lakai fully flared was sold on ebay for 10 thousand dollars with all profits going to the recent disatter in haiti. Sucks for you ladies though as andy just recently got engaged to a woman named kimi hines.now this is one of the most finest ladies I have ever had the pleasure of seeing and she also has a remarkable story behind her but that is for another time I wish them great luck on there journey through marriage and hope they make a dozen little andys that can countnuie to spread the good word of their father……
andy is seen as the second coming of jesus christ to a some people, he even has the whole beard thing going on which he trims and grooms daily. He is that generous and just being around him I hear brings great fortune, I am honored to be on a first name basis with him and to have him as a facebook friend. Hopefully andy comes to warrensburg more often in the near future to skate with me and my friends and to spread joy throughout the land.

Now I know all this sounds extremely crazy but let me assure you…with extrordianry gentlemen come extraordairy lifes.

This speech was delivered in a community college class. I certainly hope he received points for creativity.


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