jake and i made it onto crailtap

No big news here…EXCEPT I AM ON FUCKING CRAILTAP!!!!!!!!!!!
dream come fucking true. I emailed jake about entering our mini top 5 video last night and I get online today to see my fat ass on my favorite skateboarding site in the running to win the contest. I’d like to thank jake pratte who I tricked into filming me and convinced that they were actual “tricks” I was performing. I’d like to thank the youtubes children who left such witty comments as “rofl yeah those arent tricks.” and “first!! Fun movie! :D”. Finally, I’d like to thank Narcissus for allowing me to follow in his footsteps and write this post about myself. I couldn’t have done it without you all.


6 thoughts on “jake and i made it onto crailtap

  1. this is too awesome. and with comments like “haha funny tricks
    they’re real though just mad tech and creative” from flipskater03158, i’m sure wissmans beard grew a little longer. and as i’m sure everyone is aware, wissman is infact mad tech. i love andy wissman and jake pratte. radone’d all up in the fuck’n crail tap heezzy.

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