enlightened discourse

Well god damn, he set me up to knock me down. I guess I’m a fat guy who does gay pop shuvit stalls AND I own a fag? My fag? How does that work? I guess I will have to wait for his response to see.

Clearly I’m heartbroken. Someone made fun of me on the internet. Someone with an account on youtube who has uploaded one video of himself skating flat with a friend….who made fun of me skating flat with my friends. I’ll write more later. I’m kind of busy filling out an application for a fat camp. Wait does woodward have a fat camp? Does element have a FAT Skate camp? I think I may be onto something here.


6 thoughts on “enlightened discourse

  1. didn’t you know? real skateboards don’t do manuals. duh. i said you send him a link to this blog in your next response.

    oh and the fat camp idea…waaaaay ahead of you.

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