Texas Took My Friend: A Chris Jackson Affair

A few years ago I entered a game of SKATE competition with some of my friends, and by the end of that day I prayed for skateboarding. I hadn’t seen such a pompous competitive collection of kids since the days of little league. Among the arrogant atrocity there was a kid by the name of Chris Jackson skating the Freshpark obstacles (which were notably anything but fresh) in the parking lot with carefree finesse. At first glance I was convinced he was John Motta, but those thoughts were quickly put to rest when I realized he rolled regular (Well he might not be “The” John Motta, but he’s still “A” John Motta in my eyes). After adoring his many lip slide variations on the ramps that appeared to be made out of recycled plastic and aluminum cans, I realized I had to play him in the next round. I told him prior to the match that he had already won. He was/is clearly more skilled on a skateboard than I, and I knew that if I did win it would have only been on a count of luck. I knew I wouldn’t have won anything that day as I didn’t even plan on passing the first round, but I also didn’t expect to meet such a great friend, which is better than 10 stupid looking pairs of eS shoes anyway.

Have fun in Texas Chris, you will be missed!

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