I love ebay. New video finds.

As a few of you know, I’m a skate nerd. I’m in love with skateboarding. I’m often several minutes (hours) late to hang out with my friends due to skateboarding videos. It normally goes something like this. :: alright everybody wants to meet @ wherever @ 4:30, it’s 3:45, I’ll just finish watching MJ’s part in hot chocolate. Cue to the end of MJ’s part, scene of me on youtube finding all of MJ’s parts, cue me on chrome ball incident looking for photos of MJ, next comes the google image search, then I get the text @ 5:02 …”wissman is TAKING FOREVER” and I finally leave…after I make some food. ::
This nerding has lead me to log onto ebay any time I come in contact with a bill larger than

I am happy about my skateboard video collection. I look forward to being old and crusty and not knowing where I am, but knowing who did what do hubba hideout in the openers of 411 issue 41. (Any takers?)
Here are a few of my recent finds, more are en route in the mail.

I want to have all of the ON video series hopefully. I might already have a copy of this one/I didn’t see it but I didn’t look carefully …oh well it was 2 dollars.

Destroying America. I miss when videos were as fun as this one is. Another 2 dollar find.

This is what i’m, clearly, most excited about owning. At 15 dollars it was the priciest of all of them, but beyond worth it to me.


2 thoughts on “I love ebay. New video finds.

  1. i remember watching all three of those with you. i have a rather hefty collection of skate vids too. remember going to the valley with brendan and finding destroying america and the end for like 10 bucks for both? then going back to brendans to watch them, immediately seconds after they were over only to go right outside and try to act out the tricks and styles like andrew reynolds or heath kirchart from which we just saw. wanting to be them. wanting to wear their signature shoes all the way to owning or riding the boards they proudly represented. its more than just nerding. its love.

    ps.. karl watson front nose revert is the one i think you’re talking about.. or was it rodrigo’s nollie heel nose?

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