I was lucky enough to be able to get a really cheap airplane ticket to Barcelona and some really cheap hostels too. I spent 40 euros on my round trip flight and 33 euros on 3 nights of hostels.  It is a lot of skateboarders dream to go to Barcelona because there are so many skate spots. I had the chance to check them out and even skate some random ones myself. I also got some footage that I enjoyed filming. I will hopefully try and make a part out of it soon. I’m not too sure. We’ll see what happens.

I found some pretty unique spots and I also found some of the famous spots in Barcelona. I was able to go to MACBA and skate it for about an hour in total and then I also checked out Universitat Ledges. Both spots were completely blown out with people. It’s not like I had many tricks to do on them anyway. I can’t skate ledges. I headed over to Paral lel to see how that was. I didn’t skate it. I just took a photo and looked for other spots that I could skate.

I found a great spot under a bridge that was close to one of the hostels I stayed at. It was this circle pyramid bank type spot that was made out of bricks. There were like 5 of them under the bridge and they were fun to use as banks, hips and pyramids. It was a good spot and I was the only one skating it. I also went to some spots that aren’t pictured where I skated them by myself. I have some footage from them like I said. I’ll post it soon.

I guess the thing to learn here is that although the famous spots are fun to skate at and a must to visit, there are some great spots all around the city that aren’t blown out and equally as good.

My skateboard even took me to the Mediterranean Sea. When I started skating about 5 years ago I had no idea that one day it would lead to that. I had no idea that one day I would be standing on a beach in Barcelona with my skateboard in hand. The only thing that was missing was everyone that came out and skated with me all Summer long. I know we could go to Barcelona and own that city. After we would be through with it, the city would be ours. I can’t imagine anything better than that.

Barcelona was great. You guys would have loved it. I’m missing all of you guys over here. Have fun skating STL.


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