Joe and Beans skate video

I had been gathering a lot of footage for a video that I wanted to make with Joe. I was sitting around in my house today and decided that it was time to make the video.

Video description:

This is a video that was filmed mostly in the summer of 2010. The song is Bob Dylan’s “Joey” off of his Desire album. Given that both of our names are Joey, I had to use it. Thanks to everyone who skated with us throughout the summer and everyone who filmed for both of us. Thanks for making the video with me Mr. Hodges.

Thanks to Wissman, Nick Bernardi, Jake Miller, Jesse Brenner, Nic Walter, Riggs, Josh Walker, Chris Jackson, Crox, Mole, Mr. Edelman, Berk, MIni Berk, Evan, Josh Hancock, Jim Lewis, Alex Snyder, Jake Pratte and everyone else that is affiliated with The Rad One. Without you guys, skating wouldn’t be as fun.

“No one is good.”- Joe Hodges

I hope you enjoy the video as I know I enjoyed making it. It was great fun.


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