this is what you will be doing tonight

BFF of THE RAD ONE and all around wonderful fella Jake Pratte is premiering his video Jake’s Junt tonight at 9pm at Plan Nine skatepark at the Mills mall in Hazelwood, MO. $10 gets you a skate session and a free copy of the DVD.

Jake’s words
It’s a 35 minute long film with 45 minutes of montages and skateboarding related “Junt” (whatever that even means) in the bonus features. The montages are full quality dvd versions of some of the youtube montages, and there’s also an 8 minute montage of the trip I took to Spain including footage from Fernan Origel, Randy Ploesser, Clint Walker and Clint Peterson and a few others. I literally packed this entire DVD full of content, there was only 94 KB free.

The main people in the video are: Ross Davinroy, Jeremy Phengsavathdy, Derek Leroy, Drew Etzkorn, Tim Dolan, Randy Ploesser, and the Webster Hustlers (Alex Kehoe, Sam Corkery, and Kendal Temming).

Other skateboarders making guest appearances in this video include: Clint Walker, Clint Peterson, Fernan Origel, Marty Murawski, and Tuuka Korhonen.

So, without further adieu, here is the premiere date for Jake’s Junt. It’s going to be on friday January 21st, from 9 PM to midnight at the Plan Nine skatepark inside the St. Louis Mills Mall. It’s going to cost $10 at the door to skate the indoor skate park (with proper protective head gear, and no, not contraceptive protection you pervert, a helmet), see the premiere and walk out with your very own hard copy of the video.

Lastly, I hope you all enjoy the junt, and I hope to see you all escape the cold for a night full of fun!

PS – The video WILL be available for purchase online after the premiere date. I will release more information on that around the time of the premiere when I have sorted everything out.

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