One thought on “BERK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Zelda was an amazing game. But not as amazing as the game of anonymity and passive aggressiveness played out on STL’s SK8 bloggery and shitside walls.

    I love how your blog has opted out on this. Your blog also seems to care more about its photos instead posting whatever fleeting bit of culture some other blogs suck out of the lives of its locals. Kudos.

    So to get your blog started off in a more proper STL skate scence that is rotting from the inside out…lets just say….

    To hell with a home town hero who rides for a long board company…..Paris trucks….OOOOkaaayy. Take your racist views about what skateboarding is and how YOU think it has to be….and well….yeah….keep bloggin away and ruining you half ass “career”.

    To hell with meth-toothed cement finishers that start shit with teenagers and can’t take any constructive criticism. If you’re going to build a manual pad….why not consult people that actually ride wheelies?

    And finally….to hell with Infinity….dude is just a businessman with hardly a concern for St. Louis’ skate scene. He’d have to skate in order to have a clue.

    Cheers betches!

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