Get excited everyone.  It looks like St. Louis might finally have it’s first legitimate skateboard company on it’s hands.  Thanks to the fine guys at DTR (that’s Desire To Ride for those of you unfamiliar with what those initials stand for) for representing St. Louis and skateboarding so beautifully.  I was so inspired by their video that I took the time to log my thoughts below.  Just a little side note, the commentary makes the most sense if you read it while watching the video.  Enjoy!


1. You probably would have been better off sticking with Monkey Bubbles. At least then, people would have been able to tell how stupid you are from the title alone.

2. What IS the pure essence of what you’re trying to say? Cause after nearly four minutes of explaining, I have no fucking clue what you’re talking about.

3. Word to the wise, a company title made of three initials that define a very generic statement…hardly genius.

4. I would have loved to hear more about your high school “career.”  Maybe in the next video?

5. Yeah, man.  Screw corporate! Screw having a uniform to be a team! I TOTALLY FEEL YOU, BRO!

6. Luckily for you, I watched this video while sitting in a rolling chair, so I DO know what you’re talking about.

7. Dude, cool, um, and, like, rad, uhh, dude, awesome, homies, rad.

8. “It’s more of this, the desire to ride, the desire to play on just a rail not to say it’s a rail but skate it how it’s, you know, how you think it should,  just play on it, play on it from the sides, you know, I don’t know, it’s the whole rise above and do what you want.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

9. Tell me more about the skateboarder doing a steezy trick on a bridge and the part about “the whole capture essence of it” cause I’d really like to know.

10. Seriously, how much did you have to pay the filmer to hold his laughter for the entire time it took to film this?

11. Can I use it as a weapon and beat the shit out of you with it?

12. Not to nit-pick, but it’s actually polyurethane, not rubber.  Rubber was so 1972, brah.

13. I think you should stick with the whole Desire to Rise thing instead.  That sounds much more promising. Especially since it is for anyone that “rises above the occasion of just sitting there watching T.V.”  Like me, for instance.  I am rising above the occasion of just sitting here and watching your video by taking the time to tell you how much of an idiot you are.  Can I get on the flow team for that?

14. You totally saved your self at the end by doing your best “Tim Newsham” impression and making the whole video sound like a joke.  Well played.

15. And you’re right…it’s not a fucking company.

8 thoughts on “DTR

  1. I think its really funny how fucking gay the rad one is. You guys all think your so cool and that you influence the St. Louis skateboarding scene so much. The thing is, no one fucking cares about how “rad” the rad one is. And you are hating on your own kind! Why don’t we unite and become one instead of separating and making the skateboard “scene” weaker? One last thing, and this is me just curiously asking, aren’t you guys like 23 years old or something? yeah, that’s what i thought. Gosh, i wish i was as cool as you.

    1. If you want to take one post I did not make and judge the entirety of our project on it, that’s fine. I’m even happy to tell you I’m going to proudly be a 25 yr old grown ass man who skateboards. I forgot that’s it all about positivity and uniting and calling me “fucking gay.” I am %100 down for skateboarding in St. Louis. I support %100 local SKATEBOARD ONLY skate shops. I run a %100 local skateboard brand. I have %100 of my fun skateboarding with my friends. One of the many posters on our blog, had an opinion and they decided to use this venue as a place to vent. Do I support what they said? No, but is it my position to tell them they can’t say it? No. Boys will be boys. Let them have their schoolyard scuffle. We don’t think we’re cool, we don’t care. We thought the skateboard scene was lacking something, so we try to fill that void. Skateboard with me sometime, then you’ll know what we’re really about. FUN. – Wissman

  2. Hey “RAD”dudes, Its TIM Newsham

    im suprised how low and scumlike you ladies go to keep your rad selves alive. I give zero f#%ks about any of you RAD ones and i try to do my own thing, so lemme do my own thing, and you can keep me out of your blog.
    Hope this is behind us, and can let positivity prosper.

    One Love.

    1. Hey Tim, it’s Wissman. Just so you know, I did not make that post nor do I intend to disparage you in any way and I agree that it’s weak and I am not down for it. No hard feelings whatsoever.

  3. Ok guys no need to hate on this video all of the interview that i had in this video he didn’t know i was recording this was just a conversation we were having. this was my first time making a video and taking pictures for my school so you have to give me some props for that because there is no way any of you would take the time to make a MULTImedia piece like this because you have to edit soooooo many pictures and edit them again once you put it into final cut. so please no hate for a video that a sophomore in highschool did.

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