FOTODUMP: 3 and a half

Scotty Laird Bluntslide transfer.
Jalen Noel FS Crail to body jar. Fun skatepark night…before Jalen murdered my flash. Just kiddin’ love ya Jalen.
Colin Shue – roastin’ some beef.
Scotty Laird FS 5050. Note Alex Meyer rolling away from his issue 12 cover back lip. I was trying to convince the dudes to do some dueling handrail action, but they weren’t feeling it. Could have been epic duders.
Somehow this spot in AZ I have only ever seen two people skate it and they were both from MO. Mr. Randy Ploesser doing a FS ollie shot by Bart Jones I believe and Mr. Jeff Pulliam doing this switch thruster here shot by Matt Price. Scotty keeps the tradition going in the last issue by doing a switch footplant and almost dying/nearly breaking a window on a miller flip attempt. Missouri foreverz.

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