FOTODUMP: 33 and a third. Merry Christmas I guess.

Alex always talks about wanting to boardslide kinked rails. That is something I never thought i’d hear from him. Scotty did gap to front board on this rail and Alex took his through the kink.
This was in one of the issues I believe. I met Phil that day. He’s a nice fella. The internet tells me that TSA made him check his burritos last time he flew.
He’s a cool guy in black and white too.
I used this photo in an issue, but with a much tighter crop. So here’s the wide version.

Wide version in BW. I should do a post on the 55 different versions of a photo I make before I end up using it. Maybe someday. Oh well. This post is scheduled to come out on Christmas. I hope your ma and pa got you guys some fresh completes and filled your stockings with dooks and bones reds and tail devils. Stay RAD, ones.

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