Issue 16 leftovers

JoeHerbertFeebleFakie_AndyWissman-7248 Joe Herbert is an STL OG. I bought a Radical Dog Contest DVD from him at the elm skatepark when I was a little kid and I’ve watched it so many times it skips now. Here he feeble grinds to fakie while I paparazzi him.

RyanBrinkmannPolejamMute_AndyWissman-7915 The sunset version of this made it into the last issue. Ryan is one of the few people who grabs mute that I know. He is definitely the one that makes it look the best.

AdamMckeeFsFeebleTail_AndyWissman-9521 This Adam Mckee shot is actually a frame from a sequence. I really think this frame just looks timeless on it’s own. I’ve got a whole batch of Adam gifs that’ll be posted soon.

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