Charno and Buddy over at Six Stair really took me under their wing in LA. They showed me how to skate pools and let me help out making the Loveletters to Skateboarding along with countless other projects. They basically hooked me up in every way. Thanks boys!

Rick, Bud, Blauvelt, Ruckus, and PB. Photo by Jess
Rick Charnoski classically trained invert @ Grosso’s. MRZ duh.
Coan “Buddy” Nichols tucks the knee off the hip. This was the first time skating with the big dogs @ cracktown.
Bradley Weems early morning Korea Town crooked grind. Photo by: PB
They call me Pizza Box. Photo by Weems.
Royal Hawaiian feast. Jeff Grosso loved skateboarding. Photo by Buddy.

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