Broke Life


i’m going to make a list of all the times I have cracked my trucks

1. one time I ollied off the law building ledges and it cracked

2. did a front shuv on the bank to curb at columbia skate park

3. 50-50ed the yellow curb outside of best buy

4. 5050ed chem ledge

and there has to be another time too

can’t think of it though

however I think the funny thing to notice here is I have broken my trucks 5050ing more times than I have actually 5050ed hahaahahhjhahahahaha



O yea. The other time I couldn’t think of  was literally last night. That was what even sparked this post anyway. haha. I don’t know how I forgot that one, but I did. The base of the truck cracked in half and I noticed it was fucked after I ollied off Chem Ledge. Sweet. 5 Broken Trucks. 5 different ways. 1 terrible chain of bad luck.

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