unicron is the bomb.

I recently decided to acquire some skatevideos for my collection.

I had read some good things about http://unicron.net so I decided to try them out. I have two words for this experience. FUCK YES. They are based out of San Diego I believe, I ordered vids on Monday afternoon and got them by Friday at eleven am with a handful of extra goodies.

ZERO box set

powell FUN

$LAVE radio television

STEREO promo

HORIZONS. this is a video I did not order, but instead they gave me for free, so I made this face.


Now i’m not 12, so I don’t typically fan out on a sticker, but I do go to the skatepark where there are some young bucks, who will fan out of me, if I give them stickers. Now that I have enough for a product toss, I can go do a one man demo at the skatepark.

2 thoughts on “unicron is the bomb.

  1. That was me who posted as Stone Cold Steve Austin. I was a computer lab with Riggs and didn’t feel like logging in.

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